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At P. S. Pianos we recognise that for most people the purchase of an instrument is a huge investment. Not only in monetary terms, but as an investment in the future musical growth of you and your family. Regardless of ability, beginner or advance students, P.S. Pianos will draw upon their vast knowledge to guide and advise when deciding upon an instrument.

When it comes to experience, P. S. Pianos excels. Every member of our team, from the piano tuner to the polisher, has at least 25 years experience working with each other.



Welcome to my business

One of my first memories is being taken by my Dad, to Thomson’s music at Paisley Road Toll. I guess I would of been 4 or 5 yrs old then. Strange as it is.....the people who worked with my Dad then, are the people that I have around me now. And that’s 45 yr ago. It’s not something that was planned. It’s just the way that it’s turned out. Very much a happy coincidence.

Next memory is...aged around 11 / 12 whenever I wasn’t playing football...I would go to my Dad’s shop and help out. Which was basically cheap labour for him. It did mean that I was around the workshop and occasionally did wee jobs. Those “ wee jobs “ grew. When aged 15, I recall spending the school holiday’s at dad’s shop either in the workshop or on the van. And surrounded by those who had known me from back when I was 4 / 5yrs old visiting Thomson’s.

After I had done my school exams ( aged 17 ), I went straight in to work for my Dad. By then I was running the workshop and van. I was doing all the buying, as Dad took care of sales. The plan was for me to go to University. That never happened. Things where too busy with pianos.

In 1992 two major things occurred. Dad passed away in the August. That led to a terrible disruption in what was happening at work. And then a couple of months later, my daughter was born.
My brothers who had never shown any real interest in pianos, all of a sudden where now part of Dad’s business. I objected to this. And eventually left to start up my own business P.S. Pianos – aged 26.
Fast forward to today....I can’t say that it’s been an easy road. I’ve built up my business up from nothing. Grateful for the help from those I met aged 4/ 5 yrs,... buying, refurbishing and then selling my pianos. It might not have been the most financially rewarding path that I’ve walked. But balance that with the people I’ve met along the way. And the experiences......I can truly say that I’ve enjoyed it. And many people whom I originally met as customers have become friends.

Central to my business ethos, is honesty. Honest when buying from customers homes. Honest when refurbishing my pianos. And honest when re-homing my pianos with new families.


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